Celebrities Arrested for Marijuana Charges

In 2020, going to jail for a marijuana-related charge isn’t as common as it was just 10 or 20 years ago. Marijuana is now legal for recreational purposes in many states including California, Colorado, and Illinois and for medicinal purposes in more than half of all U.S. states. Over the years, celebrities, as well as regular Joe’s and Jane’s, have been arrested for possession of marijuana, requiring them to post a bond to get out of jail and forever donning a criminal record for drugs!

People have not always been so open and understanding of marijuana or those who chose to use the herb. Movies, music and other media helped give the impression that marijuana was a terrible drug with horrific side effects. We know better these days and many people benefit from that newfound knowledge. Mail order marijuana canada and CBD both offer medical benefits to users and ensure fun whenever it’s needed.

Some of the celebrities you may know well who’s been charged with marijuana-related crimes include:

  • Allen Iverson: Allen Iverson is one of the greatest NBA players to ever grace the court. In 1997 shortly after winning ‘Rookie of the Year,’ Iverson was arrested for marijuana possession after a routine traffic stop.
  • Willie Nelson: Few people are surprised to learn that Willie Nelson has been arrested for marijuana charges. He is an avid marijuana smoker who doesn’t hesitate to tell the world. He was arrested in 2006 and again in 2010 after pot was found on his tour bus.
  • David Lee Roth: Roth was arrested in NYC in 1993 after buying a ‘dime bag’ from an informant. It was a moment that certainly didn’t make the musician happy but still didn’t sway him from using marijuana on a regular basis.
  • John Sinclair: Founder of the White Panther Party, Sinclair was arrested in 1967 after being set up by FBI agents. He served 2-years in prison, although was sentenced to serve up to 10-years. Sinclair had only two joints in his possession when he was sentenced to prison.
  • Louis Armstrong: Armstrong spent the night in jail after being arrested for marijuana possession, though he laughed it away according to reports. He was arrested along with a fellow musician.
  • Eric Clapton: Clapton and three other bandmates were arrested on suspicion of marijuana use. The charges were later dropped.
  • Mischa Barton: Star of the OC, Mischa Barton was arrested for DUI and was found to be in possession of marijuana at the time.
  • Bill Murray: Before becoming the comedian we all know and love, Bill Murray was arrested after attempting to smuggle several pounds of marijuana through the O’Hare Airport. The incident occurred in 1970.
  • Bob Marley: Bob Marley was fined for marijuana possession in 1977 while living in London.
  • Snoop Dogg: Another entertainer who proudly consumes marijuana, Snoop Dogg has also faced his own set of charges, the first in 1998 and the second in 2001.

Thankfully marijuana arrests do not happen as often as they did at one time. Now people can partake in herbal relief whenever they’d like without the worry of being arrested and/or going to jail. It would’ve been nice for this to happen long, long ago and maybe the celebrities above (and so many others) could’ve avoided jail time. But, change is great and it’s now happened.

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